Helping Young Mothers Mentor, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt –profit organization that specializes in mentoring young mothers from the ages of  12  through 18, who are also in housing while they are pregnant.
Our mission is to enhance the economic and social well-being of pregnant young mothers by mentoring, providing health education, vocational training, and life skill courses, which will allow the mother to become self-sufficient in today’s society for herself child.
Our vision is to have a residential home for mothers the ages of 12 to 18  regardless of race, religious background, sexual preferences,  status. 
At present  Helping Young Mothers Mentor services programs in conjunction with the wait of Greater Cincinnati area. approach groups concerning self-esteem, motivation, respect, health education, job readiness and organizational skills.  
" Lee's Daughters",one on one mentoring program inspired by the founder's mother, is a program designed to help our young mothers under the age of twenty-five. This program provides a therapeutic approach wrap around services method to help "change 2Lives" and provides a  commitment with mentees.
“Young Sisters Doing It Right Empowerment Program”, is a 12-week curriculum geared toward girls ages 12 to 18.   is unique in providing a holistic approach to motivating young ladies through, building, nutritional development, learning safety tips and participating in volunteer opportunities. 

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