Becoming a Mentor is an opportunity to Change 2Lives! You'd be responsible for taking an active mentoring role through communicating, advising and guiding young mothers, concerning the needs of herself and her young child.
Naturally, a Mentor would develop a close, trusting relationship with the young mother, allowing the mentee to contact the Mentor when becoming overwhelmed with life situations. 
Most importantly, we advocate helping our community address issues of Infant Mortality by encouraging  mothers to attend all prenatal and post-partum appointments, Women and Infants (WIC) appointments and all Hamilton County Job and Family Services appointments in order to maintain a healthy family lifestyle.
    Our partnership with  University Of Cincinnati OB/GYN Women Health and Good Samaritan OB/GYN care coordinators and social workers have joined in "creating a self sufficient youth for a better tomorrow and  by changing 2Lives."
 For Participation Requirements please contact us! 
CALL US at (513) 931-4047 for application or fill out application and send to our email address. hymminc@aol.com
* Our mentors are subject to intense background checks, trainings and assessments in order to determine compatibility match to our mentees.
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