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Helping Young Mothers Mentor, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt–profit organization that specializes in mentoring young mothers from the ages of 18-37 to help create a self-sufficient young mother while "changing 2LVIES".


Our vision is to have a residential home for mothers the ages of 18 to 37 regardless of race, religious background, sexual preferences status.


At present Helping Young Mothers Mentor Inc.  is providing a reputable and reliable infrastructure life coaching model that identifies adverse childhood experience barriers to reduce disparities to support the mindset of young mothers and their families’ wellbeing.


Lee's Daughters" is a one-on-one life coach and mentoring service is a deeply passionate program, inspired by the founder's mother, designed to help our young mothers under the age of 18 -37 to blossom into beautiful butterflies while becoming self-sufficient. This program provides 24/7 confidential future focus systems to help one's achieved their fullest potential while changing   2Lives".



“Young Sisters Doing It Right Empowerment Program”, is a holistic curriculum geared towards  young mothers and fathers in a unique personalized touch. The curriculum delivers a motivational theory approach to build self-actualization systems, esteem needs, belonginess and love, financial empowerment processes, safety needs, and most importantly learn the basic life skills for their physiological needs in reduction of stress and anxiety behaviors. 

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