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    Hear From Our Mentors

Irvinya Dye

I am very passionate about becoming a mentor with Helping Young Mothers Mentors, Inc because I know first hand how a mentor can shape a life. A mentor came into my life at the age of 22, when I was pregnant with my fourth child. My mentor provided me with guidance and encouragement while assisting me on a journey to become the woman and mother I am today; married, a college graduate, home owner, Licensed Managing Cosmetologist and future business owner. It is my endeavor to provide the same level of guidance and encouragement to the moms of this generation that was given to me.

Jamese Willis

Being a board member of Helping Young Mothers Mentors, Inc was of great interest to me because I have seen many young mothers forfeit their destiny because of a lack of knowledge. HYMM, Inc provides opportunities for women young and old to connect, uplift, and ultimately enhance our community. Standing on the shoulders of the mentors who have graced me with their time, wisdom and inspiration it is my aspiration to use my talents and life experiences to influence those placed in my path.

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