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Lee's Daughter Mentoring Program Services:

Helping Young Mothers Mentor Inc. crisis management and mentoring program has four primary areas that we work on with our young mothers.

Crisis Management- Linking the young mother to appropriate community services- safe housing, Domestic Violence shelters case management, referral to counseling service and doctors. In addition, if they qualify, we refer to food shelters, and clothing pantries.

Personal Goals- Establishing and achieving personal goals related to health care, emotional stability, educational enhancement and vocational readiness.

Parenting Skills- Teaching appropriate parenting skills in effort to create a self sufficient mom and a lasting bond between family members and their children, in order to significantly reduce or prevent infant mortality, child abuse/neglect.

Empowering Participants- for independent living, effective household management, budgeting, appropriate parenting skills, while providing access to community resources and improving self esteem.

Come join our team to help Change 2LIVES!!

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